Spot U.V

Spot UV refers to the application of this UV Coating to a specific area (or areas) of a printed piece rather than coating the entire surface.

Thermal Lamination

Thermal lamination, as the term suggests, is a process that uses heat to fuse a layer of protective film onto a paper or plastic substrate.

Calendar Binding

Calendar Binding is a common method for joining the pages of calendar. It utilizes a durable plastic that is inserted and twisted through small holes.

Hard Case Binding

Hard case binding refers to the binding of a book in which a separate case bound cover is involved. The cover is non-flexible and is supported by a paper-back board.

Metallic Foiling

Metallic Foils are made from a thin layer of non-reactive metallic sheets that are fused to clear cellophane and can be transferred to your surface using water-based or oil-based Gilding Size.

Book Binding

Book Binding is the process of assembling and securing written or printed pages within a cover. In most cases, the cover is thicker than the interior pages to provide durability to the finished book.

Die Cutting

Die-cutting is a process whereby a die is used to cut through materials such as paper and card on a die press. The process allows you to make an identical cut into material numerous times.

Scratch Card Making

A card with a section or sections coated in an opaque waxy substance which may be scraped away to reveal a symbol indicating whether a prize has been won in a competition.

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